Lighting Solutions

NSTC can facilitate all your lighting needs, has its well-experienced engineers to assure compliance to British CE and Qatar Standard quality requirement with Kitemark certification and a Procurement Department to give you the best offer. We have assigned personnel such as Marketing Managers for European, American and Chinese personnel for China brands who have direct contact to the manufacturers. We have 2 big warehouses, it has area of 1,500sq.meter each that can keep stocks to about QAR 10 Million annually and has its gross sales of QAR 5-7 Million per year.

NSTC provides lighting materials as per our client’s requirement based on the specification and right for the budget. We have the right lighting solution and ensuring satisfaction of every client. NSTC has more than 15 number of trusted logistic companies for delivering products by Air or by Sea at the earliest possible time from anywhere in the world to Qatar. Our commitment to quality, safe, and environmentally responsible business culture assures every customer of products and services that live through generations.

Our Fundamental commitments to the pursuit of the clear progress. At Al Noor Supply & Technical SupportTM,  we provide for your needs of illumination and enlightenment. Because we believe in the vision of the bright future, as well as you do.

We Support Trading, retail sales, showroom lighting & wiring accessories. Stocks keeping such as light fittings, emergency lights, emergency kits, ballasts, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, wires & accessories

NSTC is a fast growing lighting company that holds major projects in the State of Qatar. Business started out with clear indications of growth until 2010. With a minor challenge in 2011, sales continued to rise to the present relative to where NSTC originated.