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NSTC is a globally trusted worldwide distributor and supplier of outdoor as well as indoor luminaires and light fixtures. We strive to ensure that we only provide premium high-quality energy-saving lighting solutions.

We offer energy-saving solutions without compromising performance, efficiency or comfort. We strive harder on realizing the perfect balance between optical performance and low energy consumption. We focus on digitally-integrated technologies and the latest lighting controls.

Premium Lighting Solutions

Our premium high-quality luminares and lighting controls can be found in a wide range of different applications such as Residential Buildings, Commercial Business Offices, Industrial Plants, Roads & Streets, Parking Structures, Government and Schools.

Al Noor Supply & Technical Support (NSTC) is a member of Al Alamia Group International, found by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Eid M T Al Thani. It became independent in 2008 and since then emerged as one of the biggest leading importers and distributors of Light Fittings and Lighting Accessories in the state of Qatar.

Latest modern technologies

NSTC is committed to providing the most advanced and latest technologies in lighting solutions. We strive on promoting the correct lighting standards and ensuring a combination of the latest light source technologies along with our years of eperience in providing optical and luminaire solutions.

Our goal is to exceed the requirements and expectations of customers all over the world and become one of the world's leading providers and suppliers of trusted, reliable and cost-effective lighting.

Products & Services

  • Internal Light Fittings
  • External Light Fittings
  • Street Light Fittings
  • Decorative / Architectural Light Fittings
  • LED Fittings & Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Tubes & Ballasts

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